The Challengers are a Go!

Jan and Dean got all the attention back in ’64 with their Beach Boys sound, but the Challengers captured the endless wave.

From the liner notes:

Gangway! Clear the sidewalks! Skateboarding has arrived. All over the nation and even in England, sidewalk surfing is the rage.

So for instant thrills, place the record on your turntable, sit back, close your eyes, and “shoot the curb” with “The Challengers.”

– Rick Griffin, Staff member on John Stevenson’s “SURFER MAGAZINE”

Jan and Dean on American Bandstand

The Challengers: Skinned Shins


Rocket from the Crypt

Rocket from the Crypt / Twisters / Richmond, VA

Rocket from the Crypt: Dollar


Peep Inn

Georgia Avenue / Washington, DC

Mixed-use is the only way to go.



How is it that it took a band from Antarctica to put Richmond, VA on the music map?

Rest in peace Dave Brockie.

GWAR: The Salaminizer


Welcome Race Fans

It doesn’t matter who wins the race for the cup. These colors don’t run.


Position 037

Tony Hawk is everywhere!


America’s Fastest Growing Sport

Back in the ’70s, the big kids in my cul-de-sac rode their way through the skate boom. From bombing hills and the high jump to a halfpipe in the woods. I was the little kid and didn’t get much more than a few borrowed rides, but I was stoked.


Subhumans vs. Citizen Fish

Citizen Fish / Metro / Richmond, VA

Always liked the Subhumans way more, but I’ll take what I can get.

Subhumans: Religious Wars


Mixed Metaphors

I’m so confused!


Disney Crashing

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin / Lake Buena Vista, FL

Even the statues are watching.


Nassau, Not So Much

Nassau, Bahamas

The Nassau that greets you isn’t the mega-resort Nassau.


Cold Cocoa

Cocoa Beach, FL


It’s a Lego LIfe


Another Roadside Attraction

Inspiration for a collection of photos I’m finally pulling together.


Twenty Years a Chump

1994 was the year that chump! broke. One year. Five issues. Launched with a bang at midnight on New Year’s and closed out with a bang the following New Year’s.


Advent This

Tired of the clutter and bickering between kids that a store-bought advent calendar creates I decided to make my own. Each day a found object for 24 days. Many of the objects were already laying around the house, but plenty of clever references to the date, our plans for a given day and the holidays abound. It’s given the kids a new way of looking at what they already have.


Wall of Silence

Columbia Heights / Washington, DC


Wish List


Small Business Saturday

Roanoke, VA


Hot Wheels

Finally got my spare tire and jack back. They were stolen and used to lift the wheels off a Honda Fit down the street. The police took them in as evidence. They came back tagged and swabbed. Tire heisters beware.